Cin7 Integrations

Connect your Cin7 system to your other key cloud software to increase your Real-time Inventory

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Cloud Integrations

Did you know that there are two critical elements to a Cin7 integration?

The first and simpled step is integration, meaning allowing the third-party software to connected with your Cin7 system.  Perhaps your finance software like Xero or Quickbooks.

Step two is the most critical.  This is custom configuring your integration connection so that the right data, accurate data and clean (error-free) data is flowing between the two systems.  This is our secret weapon. 

We custom configure your Cin7 system creating workflows to improve your operational efficiency.

So Many Integrations

Cin7 can integrate with hundreds of other cloud software systems. 
We know Cin7 and can complete your custom integration and data workflows with finance, eComm, B2B, 3PL and fulfilment.

Now is great chance to get to know us. We may just be the perfect solution for you.

Finance Integration

Accountants and CFO’s love us!  We integrate Xero or Quickbooks with your Cin7 system.

Then create workflows through data management.  The result is clean, timely and accurate reporting data.

This integration can share data for Revenue, Cost of Goods Sold, Stock on Hand, Stock Adjustments, Additional Stock Costs, Payment Information and Taxes, to name a few.

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Shopify Integration

A successful integration results in Cin7 automatically updating your latest purchases, sales and inventory values plus landed costs and gross profits.

This can be achieved once your integration is custom configured by 9 Yards.

Through the Cin7 Shopify integration, you can allow your business to achieve real time stock control and visibility across all omni channels

Cin7 Certified Integration Partner

Cin7 eComm Integrations

Plan your new eCommerce store and marketplace with us.

Ensure that your Cin7 integrations are connected, tested and ready to go live so you can capture new sales and fulfil customer orders. From customer order to receiving payment, we develop your custom configured integration so your online shop fronts sync as you sell and scale for growth Just a few integrations we are experienced in configuring are Shopify, Amazon, Joor, NuOrder, The Iconic, WooCommerce, BigCommerce.

3PL Integrations

From Procure to Pay, the way your source inventory then sell your goods requires unique custom integration configuration.

We work in your Cin7 backend to automate your Cin7 system so that your consumers have a great shipping experience and you manage your inventory in real-time. We can integrate and custom configure third-party systems to Cin7 like StarshipIt, Shippit to name a few of the many Cin7 3PL integrations available.

We Do It All

End to end Inventory

To remain real-time and competitive, your inventory and back-office system needs to be flexible, reconcilable, integrated and scalable as your business grows.  We do this for you.

Month end Closeouts

Developing month end processes, reconciliations across integrations, reports, adjustments and transactional checks. Your CFO and Accountants love what we create for you.

Custom Configuration

Experienced in Master Data management to lead your business requirements to launch Cin7, integrate with your E-comm, marketplaces, 3PL and cloud based accounting systems.

Fix and Optimise

Cloud based inventory system Cin7 planning and implementation. Contract the short term expertise you need to prepare, develop, customise, integrate and launch Cin7.

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