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Cin7 Integration Partner and Specialist Contractor, Consultant and Trainer to optimise and custom configure your inventory system.

We love Cin7


Problem Solver


We are a Certified Cin7 Integration Partner and offer Australian SME’s the opportunity to tap into our expertise as you need.

If you do not have the experience, time or human resources to manage your Cin7 system, we can do this for you.

All we do is Cin7 backend customisation, integrations, migrations, reporting, workflows implementation and training. You can hire us to just get the job done.

Post Go Live Pain?

Did you launch Cin7 a while ago and it is not performing how you want or expect?  

We get it.  Many of the Australian businesses we work with are pulling their hair out from a bad onboarding experience.  They then turn to us to resolve.

We can fix and help enhance your Cin7 inventory system functionality.  We have been fixing horror onboardings since we launched in 2016.

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We Do It All


Hire on demand to identify issues, fix errors and optimise your bespoke system

Cin7 Consultant

Let us lead your Cin7 development and learn from our experience and expertise


Upskill your team quickly with bespoke training when we work within your own system

Now is great chance to get to know us. We may just be the perfect solution for you.

Post Onboarding Errors

Did you have a bad experience with your onboarding and your Cin7 system is not performing as you expected?

We help businesses just like yours to fix your Cin7 to meet your inventory workflow and unique business processes.

9 Yards understand inventory operations as this is our background, and we are Cin7 experts. We can configure workflows, implement new integrations, fix data flows and automate more of your inventory processes within your Cin7 instance.

We Are Loved

Best Cin7 Partner

Our clients seem to think so.  On average our clients have been with us over 5 years and still going.  We have become trusted partners for many Australian and international business who have invested in Cin7.

9 Yards is your go-to super user.  We live in the Cin7 universe and are elbows deep into new functionality, best practice and software updates to help your business optimise your Cin7 inventory performance.

A Cin7 Super User are the designated and experienced resource that you can tap into who know how your system should and needs to work.  Super Users then guide you through your transition and transfers knowledge to your team.  This is our consultancy service.

9 Yards is called on when you need to launch Cin7, trouble-shoot, test and identify errors and ineffective workflows and performance. This is our contracting service.

Cin7 Support Services

9 Yards is a specialist out-sourced and remote Cin7 support services partner you can reply on.

We work with you to plan across your business what you require from your Cin7 software and the back-end integration.

Tap into our skills and experience to get the onboarding integration and configuration job done. Our services are hired to fill the knowledge gap you have as an Australian SME.

Every business is unique and complex and we can help translate these requirements into your own Cin7 system

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Post Implementation Fixes

You may have already implemented Cin7 and now need specific assistance.

If you are struggling, 9 Yards can step in and help.  We may be able to find and fix many differing process flow breaks that are not allowing you the freedom for real time inventory management.  This includes developing new configurations to unlock amazing new functionality in your Cin7 inventory management.

9 Yards are a Cin7 contractor to fix onboarding issues.


Cin7 can integrate with hundreds of other cloud software systems. 
We know Cin7 and can complete your custom integration and data workflows with finance, eComm, B2B, 3PL and fulfilment.

Cin7 Certified Integration Partner

Cin7 eComm Integrations

Plan your new eCommerce store and marketplace with us.

Ensure that your Cin7 integrations are connected, tested and ready to go live so you can capture new sales and fulfil customer orders. From customer order to receiving payment, we develop your integration so your online shop fronts sync as you sell and scale for growth Just a few integrations we are experienced in configuring are Shopify, Amazon, Joor, NuOrder, The Iconic, Woocommerce, BigCommerce

Monthly Reporting

Accountants love us!

We know how to integrate and configure your Cin7 backend to achieve finance workflows with Xero and Quickbooks.

If your cloud finance and inventory integrations are not reconciling, we can help with Cin7 system customising to achieve month end reporting.

3PL Integrations

From Procure to Pay, the way your source inventory then sell your goods requires unique custom integration configuration.

We work in you rcin7 backend to automate your Cin7 system that your consumers have a great shipping experience and you manage your inventory in real-time. We can integrate StarshipIt, Machship, Shippit to name a few of the many Cin7 3PL integrations available.

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